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India is one of the best when it comes to Wedding, people here in India get very excited for Marriage, now people need their wedding to be remembered for ages by doing something really beautiful and wonderful. The concept of Destination Wedding is gaining huge popularity these days. It is an opportunity for the wedding couple wherein they have the chance to celebrate their wedding at a gorgeous destination away from their home.

We, at Sushil Kumar Photography, have come up with 4 most popular places where destination weddings take place. It is of course, completely the choice of the bride, groom and their family and there are so many other places where you can have the wedding celebration. However, here we are going by with few of the most favored places in India.



Beaches with the waves flowing, and you are getting married just quite a few meters away in a garden, this is the dream many have, and you can get it done effortlessly. If you choose Goa as the location for your destination wedding, then you can either have Beach wedding, garden wedding, or you can opt for a sunset wedding.

If you are going for a Destination wedding than it will be best if you hire a wedding planner, who is going to arrange all the things such as Portuguese music and dance, fireworks and even more. If you look forward to Beach wedding then most probably you are going to require a Special Permit for which you can reach out to your wedding planner who will keep a watch on all these things. Also, don’t forget to hire a great photographer for your pre-wedding shoots as well as for the main ceremony. Looking for one? We, at Sushil Kumar Photography with much experience in Destination Wedding might exactly be the you are looking for!



One of the most beautiful states in India is Kerala. If you need an excellent location to get pictured while getting wedded, and have a perfect ambiance of the ritual feel which is often said as God's own Country then you know where your destination is.

There are many places to get married in Kerela such as places near Allepey, Kavalam which are beautiful and give a great feel to the bride and groom. We can even get a traditional Malayalee wedding ceremony if we choose to wherein the food will be served on Banana leaf and even some classical dances by some local troupe. A wedding planner can get all these arranged here in Kerela so do consult one before finalizing Kerala as your Wedding destination. Also, again make sure to get some wonderful photo shoots done by a professional wedding photographer on the picture perfect beauty of this gorgeous place.



Taj Mahal which is known as the symbol of love, and you might choose Agra as the wedding destination so that you can start your love life just in from of Taj. There are hotels such as Jaypee and Radisson which offers many wedding packages. It has been quite popular because of its historical significance to Indians and foreigners alike.



Rajasthan is thought of the exemplification of extravagance. Rajasthan is considered as one of the greatest states in India. Guests from all over the globe come here to stopover its selective time long past circumstances. At introduce day additionally Rajasthan has ensured the legacy and the pith of its brave rulers and Queens. Rajasthan Destination Wedding is a standout amongst the most critical viewpoints that incorporate to the intricate details of a marriage. Choosing the place for the custom and welcome is to a great degree fundamental as it helps with choosing how well the event has occurred. Each one of us yearns for greatness in a crossroads of such high significance; this can be brought by procuring proficient and master goal wedding organizer. This, thus, will make the cheerfulness significantly all the more motivating for everybody display there.


So, there you go! Some ideas on where your Destination can be (if you already haven’t figured it out). Make sure to get the best of Destination Wedding by getting the best photographer to capture all your beautiful moments.

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