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A pre-wedding shoot can have such an integral impact for the couples. Firstly, you get to spend time with each other away from the crowd; another thing is you get to understand the camera and how comfortable you are during your shoot. It is a great opportunity to know and understand your photographer and vice-versa. This will result in great pictures because unlike on the main wedding day, here you have got the chances to re-pose and improve. Every photographer has their own way and style of shooting. You might like to have a look at the previous work done by the photographers so as to be sure if you want similar kind of shoots. Most importantly, whenever you select a photographer, it is very important that you connect to him/her. Your pre-wedding photographs can have all the fun, crazy elements you want which might not be possible on the main day. So, always choose a photographer with whom you connect and who can understand you and your partner’s vision. Well, you might think, what is really there to evaluate. But you never know, as a photographer I .have seen the wedding couples move back and forth from one concept to other. It is very important that you understand and acknowledge what you and your partner are looking for from the pre-wedding shoot and convey this to your photographer. That way, both of you can work out on things and if you want to leave completely to the wedding photographer about the concept and ideas regarding the pre-wedding shoot, that’s alright too. However, getting a little knowledge and being aware of what you should be looking forward to is always great. Isn’t it?

Choosing the right place is another factor you might want to look beforehand. Whatever your preference is discussed it with the photographer and plan accordingly. If it is a destination wedding you could have various new places to explore and which will considerably take time, so discussing the ideas with your pre-wedding photographer will set things straight and can really be helpful to you.

Sometimes, the couple thinks that hiring two different photographers for the pre-wedding and main day is a good idea. But trust us, more often than not, it doesn’t come out right. Well, firstly you will have to go through the nuances, again and again, explaining things, then there is the thing for a budget which might be expensive for you if you are opting for two different photographers. Make sure what type of photographer you want and hire the one who is apt for all your wedding functions from your engagement, pre-wedding shoot, to  shooting of various other celebrations in terms of your perception, connectivity, budget and of course your preference.

We, at Sushil Kumar Photography, understand the need of the hour and how important the whole wedding aspect is to the couple and their family, so we provide with all the services from pre-wedding to the main day. From photo shoot to wedding films for your home-based wedding or destination wedding, we provide it all.


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